Most people generally think of ‘virtual reality’ and ‘augmented reality’ as far out technology that includes 3D images, clunky headsets, wonky glasses, and animated worlds.  If you are wondering how any of this could ever cause anyone to vigorously exercise, take a look at the video below.  

Radori, the company that created the ‘Time Trial’ software featured in the video, has created the world's first augmented reality speed climbing game.

Now imagine augmented recreation machinery (software, hardware, sensors, etc.) that projects images, graphics, cartoons, and targets that can be chased, gathered, and competed for; users can play in a room, around a neighborhood, or across a city (e.g.: Pokemon Go); and, they will play locally, globally, competitively, casually, vigorously, spontaneously, or any other way that fits their lifestyle, situation, and capabilities.  

Augmented recreation is coming; it’s going to get people off of the couch, and it’s going to change the way we exercise.